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Fully Managed & Sky High ERP: Building Human Connections to Overcome Technical Challenges

About the Customer

Fully Managed is an award-winning managed service provider that empowers companies with the technology support, expertise, and  products and services they need to be productive and proactive. Fully Managed  helps companies work smarter, more securely, and with greater efficiency.


Fully managed is a one-stop-shop for technology solutions that help businesses navigate and succeed in today’s digital world of work. Their mission is to create peace of mind through fast and efficient IT support, high-value technology strategy, and proactive network management. 


After nearly two decades of growth, Fully Managed required a rework of their legacy operating systems and processes. NetSuite was adopted to help the team streamline operations and foster a more collaborative and open workflow between teams. With such a complex undertaking, the team expected challenges, as highlighted by Project Manager Julie Smith:

“We were undergoing a massive digital transformation with a lot of intricate moving parts.”

Finding the Right Partner

Fully Managed was in search of a proficient and reliable professional services partner to help guide them through the adoption of NetSuite. They sought a partner with an impeccable track record in delivering NetSuite services encompassing implementation, customization, integration, and ongoing support.


The ability to align NetSuite solutions with Fully Managed’s unique business processes and goals was a key consideration. Furthermore, they needed a partner capable of swiftly adapting to their evolving needs, while providing scalable solutions that could accommodate future growth. 


Ultimately, Fully Managed aimed to collaborate with a partner that could not only provide technical expertise but also strategic guidance.


After a lengthy search, Fully Managed discovered Sky High ERP and promptly onboarded them to help execute these aspects of their digital transformation. Sky High’s overall methodology and commitment to customer success resonated with Julie and other stakeholders at Fully Managed. 


The transition was seamless and efficient.

“I don’t remember bringing in Sky High because it felt like such a natural fit. They immediately got up to speed on everything and understood what we were looking to accomplish.”

The partnership and workflow between the two companies proved instrumental in achieving the overall goals and objectives originally set when deciding to implement NetSuite as a solution. 

“The relationship that has been built here - I can’t imagine going with anyone else. It’s like they’re actually part of our team.”

Overcoming Challenges

Fully Managed’s complex system architecture required significant levels of customization within NetSuite and its surrounding integration layer to function as needed. 


The Sky High team was able to quickly understand the business context, diagnose issues, and come up with effective solutions. 


Having a competent and trusted relationship during a technically challenging implementation is critical. Sky High’s ability to adapt to the bespoke system and resolve unexpected challenges has propelled Fully Managed to new heights.

The Importance of Collaboration and Communication

Sky High’s mission is to bring happiness and productivity to the workplace through elegant solutions that make work more enjoyable. In short, their purpose is to build technology that works for people, not the other way around. 


That mantra is central to their successful partnership with Fully Managed. Understanding the big picture and how technology fits into the human aspects of a digital transformation initiative set Sky High apart.

“Having the systems the way we have them now has made it easier for our employees to understand how all of the pieces fit together in our business and for everyone to understand the status of projects. If our finance team didn’t understand how the service delivery team fits into everything it would be incredibly hard to get our accounts activated and hard to get our sales team to be able to sell the services.”

The Sky High team has become an integral part of Full Managed’s operations.


The success achieved through the partnership serves as a testament to the potential value of a  system like NetSuite to an organization when it’s properly implemented, integrated with the  existing system architecture, and designed to be seamlessly adopted by the people working  within the company.

Are you ready to see how Sky High ERP can help your business? Book a free strategy call below to get started.

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