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Sky High ERP Implementation Services


At one point or another, a growing business will look at implementing an ERP tool, like NetSuite. 

When it comes to implementing a system as crucial to your day to day as a new ERP, this needs to be done right.

With our extensive knowledge with NetSuite and our experience with implementing NetSuite for many companies in many different industries, you can trust our team will help guide you through this experience.



Tailoring NetSuite, Salesforce and other tools to fit your organization's business processes and existing assets is an important part any ERP implementation.

Let's face it, every business is unique! ERPs out-of-the-box rarely fit existing business practices, therefore it needs to be adapted to your specific needs.

At Sky High ERP, we have the expertise you need to ensure your day to day activities are performed effectively and efficiently in your new system.

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Sky High ERP Training and Support Services

Training and Support

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then! Implementing your ERP is only one small part of moving your business to a new platform. A big part of this process includes training and support.

Here at Sky High ERP, we understand just how it is important for you to be independent and skilled in your new system. With our 'train the trainer' approach, we focus on training a subset of your superusers to work effectively in your system according to your business practices.

In addition, should you require ongoing assistance and support, we offer multiple plans to fit your goals and budget and selected platform such as NetSuite or Salesforce.


ERP Review
& Optimization

Over time and multiple customization projects, some ERP deployments are in need of a tune-up to optimize performance and remove what is no longer needed.

At SHE, we have experience when it comes to reviewing existing NetSuite implementations, and everything that comes with it! Our team will take a deep dive in your system to assess code, module configuration, integrations and anything else in between.

Hardware Tools
Data Migration
Team Working in the System Room

Data Migration

In a world of interconnected systems, Sky High ERP is your ally in better data management.  Migrating data is an essential task many organizations must perform but it is a sensitive one.  NetSuite and Salesforce are at their best when the data is optimal.

Our experts have the know-how to ensure a smooth transfer for raw data and previous system configurations to minimize impacts and get your teams running faster.



At Sky High ERP, we understand the importance of streamlining your key internal tools. We identify this practice with being an essential part of any ERP project.  Our experience ranges from building a custom middleware, to levering industry-standard iPaaS tools such as Celigo and Dell Boomi.

Our team can help you build these integrations with industry best practices in mind, and equip you with the tools you need to ensure continued success once you are up and running.

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